Sports Betting Success at Home With a Sportsbook

Now that Michigan has legalized sports betting, the sports book business in Michigan is changing fast. The previously staid world of sports books has changed dramatically over the past year. No longer does one have to rely on a small group of trusted sports information sources to help him make his choices. With the advent of Internet sports betting, the entire world of sports betting is becoming available through the click of a mouse. No longer must a sports enthusiast in Michigan rely on a handful of sports books to provide him with information.

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“When I first looked into sports betting, I had no idea where to turn,” said Michigan resident Kilbridge. “Now that we have legalized sports betting in Michigan, I’ve found a ton of resources to help me make my decisions.” While some residents of Michigan still stick to their old ways, others are embracing the changing times. “Now that we have the opportunity to place bets on sports events that happen outside of our state, I get to see what my neighbors are betting,” said Kilbridge.

With his buddies, Kilbridge often participates in Michigan’s College Basketball World Series. During this series, he gets to witness some of the best teams in college basketball battle it out for the national championship. To get a better understanding of how Michigan fans place their bets, he logs onto the Michigan sportsbooks at least three times each week to learn more about the upcoming games. He is learning just as much about Michigan basketball as he is about the upcoming Michigan season.

In addition to watching the games on television, Kilbridge has also become familiar with the Michigan State University men’s basketball team. A die-hard football fan, he is now able to view the game from the perspective of a sportsbook customer, and not from those of the players, coaches and staff. “I can’t believe how much better it has become,” said Kilbridge. “Now when I make my bets, I know which team I’m going with before the game begins.” Although he still won’t bet on every game, he has developed a keen interest in this particular team and is now waiting for the NCAA tournament to begin this spring so he can start placing some bets.

When not watching the game or listening to sports radio, Avedano continues his Michigan travel packages. As he enters airports around the country, he sees people getting excited about the opportunity to win big money on Michigan. “The people that get involved in sports betting are often the same people that are considered the most financially successful in the world,” said Avedano. “You can be just as good at your job as anyone else, and if you’re really lucky, you could even become the next millionaire owner of a Michigan sportsbook.”

Along with his friend Kilbridge, Avedano also enjoys making predictions about the upcoming games. “If you’ve ever heard the expression ‘knowing where you’re going is the first step to getting there,” said Avedano. “That’s exactly what I’m doing.” He and Kilbridge have each purchased at least one National Collegiate Athletic Association team jersey each for the season, and Avedano figures he will have about $300 by the end of March. If he wins all his bets this year, he’ll be able to attend Michigan State University for the beginning of the college football season in September. It’s been an experience he said he thoroughly enjoys, and he feels lucky to be a Michigan State fan.

In addition to knowing where he’s going, Avedano also likes to place sports betting winnings in other places. For example, he’s placed some of his Michigan winnings in dividends, because he said that doing so “forces me to think positively.” He admitted that when he initially placed his bet, he was only thinking about winning the money back and did not want to take out any more money. Now that he’s reached his goal, he wants to do even better. Although he wouldn’t say which games he will be wagering on, he admitted that he is very partial to the Big Ten because of all the contenders.

Sportsbooks make it possible for Avedano to place his bets in different sportsbooks throughout the country, because he lives in Michigan. Because of this, he gets to travel all over the United States to watch his favorite teams play. Whenever he does this, he gets excited about seeing his teams in person. He admitted that watching a football game is much different than betting on it, and he has definitely learned a lot from a sportsbook’s staff.